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Jeepin it Under the Stars

Catching the Milky Way Core, A Galactic Journey Under the Stars! 

Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Have you ever looked up at the night sky, seen the Milky Way and wanted to capture that moment forever? Or perhaps you have never seen the Milky Way with your own eyes? Now is the time to capture that moment forever. In this upcoming Workshop, Stephen Ippolito will lead us in photographing in a designated dark sky park of Florida where stars are plentiful and the Milky Way is there for the capturing! Stephen is an award winning hobbyist Photographer and has had his images published globally in various magazines, newspapers and other media.

During this workshop, Stephen will walk through the appropriate Milky Way night sky camera settings. For those requiring assistance, he will also show you how to focus manually in the dark using your viewfinder to properly set your camera to infinity. This workshop will be limited to 8 participants, excluding the hosts. The reason for the limit is that night photography with larger groups can get difficult and we want to avoid where possible the accidental lighting up of another's images. During the date selected for this workshop, the Milky Way Galactic Core will be visible from approximately 10:30pm until 5:00am, giving us plenty of time to capture the milky way in the various alignments in the sky (vertical, horizontal, arc). for those of you interested, Stephen will also show you how to take Milky Way Panorama images capturing the entire Arc of the Milky Way.

In the post-processing followup-up meetup, Stephen can walk through how time lapse images are processed as well. Since this meetup will last through the early morning hours, if some of you would prefer to camp out overnight, that is also an option. We can also try to arrange a carpool. Stephen will also obtain the necessary Night Access Pass for access into the park after hours.

What to bring Recommended gear/notes:

* A DSLR capable of high ISO with low noise, preferably a full frame DSLR for optimal results.

* A sturdy tripod.

* A wide angle lens capable of at least F2.8

* An intervalometer or remote trigger.

* Extra batteries and memory cards.

* A red light or headlamp capable of emitting a red light. Since it takes time for your eyes to adapt to the night sky, the red light will help with night vision and navigating in the dark.

* Bug spray.

Follow-up Processing Workshop: As part of signing up for this workshop, Stephen will schedule a follow-up date where we can all get together and walk trough how to process your Milky Way images using both Lightroom and Photoshop.   

Cost for this Workshop $250

After paying a deposit to attend this workshop, please also visit the South Florida Adventures in Photography meetup group as this workshop is being held in conjunction with them.             Please visit their meetup site and also sign up to their meetup group.  Here is the link:

Catching the Milky Way Core
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